Monday’s Man

Today we focus on a very passionate individual, whom like most, comes from humble beginnings, have used his upbringing as inspiration to start a business that will help solve some of the very familiar problems, we all grew up with.

Let’s meet the very talented Mr. Majadu Jabulani Mabena.

Mr. Mabena grew up in Kwaggafontein in Mpumalanga. He always wanted to wear branded clothing, but this was not possible. Mr. Mabena parents could not afford it.


In 2020, Mr. Mabena, together with Mr. Lucky Binikwa, inspired by Tshepo Jeans, founded, and created AILLA to give everyone the chance to wear branded clothing.


Every venture we undertake comes with its own challenges. For most who come from humble begging’s, it’s often harder. Money to start and keep a business running is often our biggest challenge. It is often difficult, if not impossible to at times get the funding we desire, and or need. AILLA faces this exact problem.

Our biggest challenge right now is getting funding from NYDA. The funding would really change the game for us however right now we are using all we have to make it work for us and to bring people a brand they can proudly wear that represents them.
Majadu Jabulani Mabena

Fortunately, AILLA is run by a strong and passionate partnership, whom, despite having easy access to funds, carry on building and growing the brand and bringing high quality affordable branded clothing to all.

AILLA started using the Fassernate application.

The Fassernate App came in handy and helped the brand to grow and fit in with other major brands. The App pushed us into a corner to be more professional and to represent AILLA in a way that makes people want to buy.
The Fassernate App is really easy to use and elevates small businesses. It gives us a chance to have our businesses being listed amongst big businesses.
Majadu Jabulani Mabena

Fassernate, together with its vision and mission, wishes AILLA nothing but the greatest success. Your success is our success, success is best when it is shared. Our commitment to AILLA is to help them grow in every way that we possibly can.

Right now, your duty is to support and help them grow. Help them achieve their goal in bringing affordable branded clothing to all. Their clothing can be bought on the Fassernate application, direct message on Twitter and WatsApp.