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2022 Finalist

2022 in Review

It's been an exciting year for Fassernate. Since officially launching in March 2022, the app has gained widespread recognition, being named a finalist in multiple categories at the MTN App of the Year awards in October 2022, and being featured on various radio stations and even on the Etv morning show "Business Beat".

But the success of Fassernate goes beyond just awards and media coverage. The app has already helped countless entrepreneurs start and grow their businesses, with its easy-to-use online business builder and comprehensive content management solution. And with a digital marketplace that supports and promotes local businesses, Fassernate is encouraging people to buy locally produced products and supporting small businesses in their communities.

Looking forward, the future looks bright for Fassernate. We have big plans for the app, including adding more features to help businesses succeed, and we are in the process of securing significant funding to make these plans a reality. We are excited to see what the future holds and are looking forward to even more growth and success in the coming year.

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1. Empowering

Created by Eltovision Pty Ltd. a no code (No developer needed) software solution, Cms-Content Management System, to put the power back in your hands. A tool that supports and promote entrepreneurship and small businesses development and move them into the future. You have the chance to create your own beautiful application with your branding. It's Quick. It's Easy.

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2. Online Marketplace
Supporting and promoting local business and products, aimed at small business and entrepreneurs to maximise the use of technology to create and build sustainable businesses
3. Social Commerce
People are more likely to buy/use tried and trusted products or services recommended by peers. We help recommend your products and services. This is the future of marketing. The old ways are dying. Fast.
4. CRM

Customer Relationship Management with complete business suite with intelligent tools to help better manage your business and put you in touch with customers like never before .  

5. Job Portal
Innovative new way for job seekers to tell would be employers why they need to hired. You have to sell yourself. Speak UP. Your are your best sales person.
6. Student Portal
Innovative platform to help underprivileged students get help with various problems they are facing. We on a drive to try and source out of warranty laptops from corporate companies.
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About Fassernate

Fassernate, now the applications final name, was dreamed of by Mr. Elton Fasser the CEO of Eltovision Pty Ltd. Circumstances, both financial, as well as access to recources, prevented this dream from taking shape untill 2017. The application was first released in March 2021. There was lessons learned and a complete redesign took place. Fassernate was re-released in March 2022. It is approaching 1000 downloads in only 3 months.

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Success Stories

You are welcome I should be thanking you for making this possible for us young black kids who want to make better livings for ourselves and families. You should see how proud I become when I talk about how my business is gonna grow through the fassernate app.

- Monni Hluluw

Fassernate played a a big role in Muvenda National Bricks being what is today and what it is yet to be. They have been providing me emotional and financial support, not forgettig daily advice and making sure I don't get robbed out there.

- Dr. Muvenda

Why Choose Us

Fresh Ideas
By maximising the use of technology, we are shaping the future with fresh new ideas. We are here for the underdogs, the previously ignored, and for those who didn't think they can. 
Better Growth
We are not just leveraging on existing market places, but creating new ones. Bigger, better, together.   
Better Management
Our tools are geared towards better management. We have put tools in place to help improve customer services and give you better insight into what is happening in your businesss.