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Fassernate lets you build your very own application on our online platform. Below are some examples of what you, yourself, without any help can build. They differ very much, we allow you to create your own very beautiful store that represent you, your brand.

Fassernate in action. From Sign up to online store in 10 minutes.

Insane isn't it?

Below you can learn how to use the fassernate aplication. We have made it easy to pick the section you want to learn or need help with.

Download Fassernate
Go to the relevant app store and download Fassernate. On your mobile phone click below.

Apple App Store

Google Play Store

Sign Up

Follow below to sign up


Why do we need your permission,

We need your permissions to be able to upload photos, access location information, this is very important for businesses as they not only serve as a security feature but will help in having your products found by customers close by. We also may need access to contact information as we provide easy options to dial numbers directly from the application without the need to leave it.

Personal Details

Your personal details, this is used in various different ways, for you to communicate with us as well make purchases and so on. You are required to fill this in when signing up. You can access and change this information under the settings tab, later on.

How do you intend using Fassernate

There are various different reasons why you would be interrested in using fassernate. To shop only, click continue, To create an online store or business, select online store and continue. If you wish to register on the job portal select job portal.

For online store and job portals a wizard will pop up and guide you on what to do next

For shopping only, you will be taken to the main shopping page.

Business Details
This is the details realted to you business such as the name of your business, information about it, where you operate from etc.

If you selected to create an online store/business from sign up, you will be required to enter your business details. You can also create an online store/business later on by gong into the settings tab and selecting create online store/business.

*** Very very important, you have to select your address from the map, your location needs to be on and you need to give fassernate permission to use it. Failing to do so, you will not be allowed to file your business. This is both a securty feature as well as using your business location to allow ud to show customers your products based on your location. ***

Because fassernate is an empowering application, to help build and grow businesses it is 100% free to use, however if you intend accepting credit cards and all other electronic payments it will carry a service fee per transaction on every purchase. See pricing for details. To setup your business as cash only please activate the switch marked Cash Business. 

Simply follow the process below to enter your business details. This can also be accessed later on in the settings tab.

Online Store/Business setup wizard

The setup wizard requires only a couple answers from you and it will uild the application itself. The first question asks what do you sell, products only, products and booking services, etc. select the relevent one. For now, and up untill further notice do not slect service, this has been disabled as we improving the way services will be handled. Please select bookings, or products, there is actually no difference in a service and a product at the moment, both function the same. Next it will ask if you want to do it yourself or if you wish to pay to have it setup, select do it yourself if you wish to do it yourself, it's very easy. Next you will be asked if you have all your media and info, this is very important as you will nedd to create a category and add your first item later on. Lastly based on your answers it will either move on to the next step of creating a category, or ask you to come back when you have all the relevant info or tell you to contact us to help with setup.

If you are ready you will be asked to enter a new category, then enter your first item. To see how to add categories and items see sections marked enter category and enter item.

Enter Category

Categories allow to orderly organise your items. You may want to create a category for example childrens clothes. Instead of creating and managing sub-categories, we simply allow you to tag an items into multiple categories. You created a category called chilbrens clothing, however you may want to be able to see only boy and girls categories, or red and pink, or maybe by age. You can simply create these differnt catergories and attach each relevant one to the item. The system will sort all the items in the relevant categories. Our search engine, being amazing can find anything for example, "boys red top 4 to 5". If you have tagged or marked the item with the various categories it will find it easily.

To Enter a new category is easy, if under the APp Manager click on the build button, A list of categories are displayed, click on Add new. If you coming from sign up wizard, just enter the name, add an image to the category, this is used is diffent display types of the application.

Add more catgories

To Enter a new catergory. You have to go to the App Manager. Then click on the Build Button, then select Manage Categories. You then click on the Add Category Button. Follow steps in Enter Category.

Enter Item or Product

You can add as many items as you wish. If you coming from the sign up simply follow the steps below to add your first item.

If you want your item to be a bookable item, select booking item, if you want to have upfront payments for bookings select upfront payment. This will carry a transaction fee however as it will need to go through our payment gateway. If you wish for customers to make booking and pay when services are done make sure it is un-selected.

If you wish to add items from the App Manager, see section Customise and Add more Items, You will be required to double click on a section, or item to add or edit the item.

Add More Items or Products

To add more items, double click on any existing items, the header that says Our Products or the catergory section. This will open up a Pop Up Menu. Select Add Item to add more items, then follow the Enter Item or Product Procedure..

Customise, Changing colors etc.

One of the beauties of Fassernate, it lets you customise you app and make it beautiful. Look at the eamples on top. Built by people like you with no prior IT knowledge.

Simply double  click on the item you want to change, for example the appbar, thats the top section with your business name, The header marked Our Products, The category section with All and the category/ies you created or the items section with all your products or services. You can then change the colors, fonts, sizes, spacing(padding) etc.