First Fassernate Wonderful Woman

This is the very first article for our most fassernating women. Every Wednesday we will highlight someone from the fassernate platform to help them grow their businesses in our weekly Wednesday Wonderful Woman. These are hard working women hustling every day to make a difference to both their own lives as well as the ones they care about.

Our very first Wednesday  Wonderful Woman is non other than Rachel Manyaka. She was the first to put her hand up when this feature was announced. This gesture already gives you an idea of what type of woman she is.

Let’s meet Rachel.

Rachel absolutely loves working with food. She runs a small catering business called Mickeysa_Eatry that specialises in lunch packs for school kids and employees in the workplace at a very affordable price. Every lunch pack is made with love, and is healthy and nutritious. One of her goals is to be inside a school tuck shop, or a canteen where she can showcase her magnificent catering talent.


Every dream, and or goal has it’s own challenges. Getting support from parents, and employees are some of her challenges. She currently making daily lunch packs for only 8 children, and she would like this number to increase. She is working on plans to make people more aware of what she is doing around the Roodepoort, Florida, Fluerhof, Johannesburg and CBD areas. She believes with more marketing and excellent service and product she will be able to overcome her challenges.

In closing I asked Rachel what advice  she can give to our women entrepreneurs and business women.

“To all hustlers, never give up and take your time. Never beat yourself up for failing to many times. My business is very slow, and no profit is made but I never give up because I know one day things will definitely come together”.

Rachel has got a wonderful idea that will save parents time, money and frustration in making sure lunch is steadily prepared every day. Go out support her.